In what can be described as a huge tragedy, some children have lost their lives in Belgrade, Serbia’s capital.

The children were killed by a 14-year-old boy who opened fire in a school in the capital.
A security guard was also confirmed dead after the shooting.

This was disclosed by Veselin Milić, Belgrade police spokesperson.

He said the suspect called authorities to turn himself in and waited in the schoolyard to be arrested.

The child entered the school with a weapon and started to shoot and officers were immediately deployed, the head teacher of the school said.

Meanwhile, several children and staff including a 53-year-old teacher were wounded.

Milić said the attacker planned the shooting a month in advance.

The shooter, on his way into the school, left his bag where he prepared four Molotov cocktails, the spokesperson added.

The gun recovered from the scene was a 9mm taken from his father’s flat.

He said the 14-year-old drew up a plan of the school entrance and exit – found on his desk – and designated priority targets.

The boy was also reported to have strategized on how to get into particular classrooms and how to kill each child by classroom number.

Milić said the attacker may have chosen the History classroom, where the shooting happened because it was near the entrance.

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