The sleepy community of Karshi, an Abuja suburb was yesterday invaded by a gang of armed robbers who were alleged to have operated for hours unhindered.

According to residents of the Junior Staff Quarters which was attacked by the men of the underworld, it was the first time in recent memory that such attack would take place. What made the invasion worrisome was the fact that calls were made to the DPO in charge of the Karshi Police Station around 1:00am while the robbers were operating but he allegedly told those who called that they had no operational vehicle. The Police did not physically respond until the robbers had left.

Reports indicated that prior to the robbery operation in which as many as 11 houses were robbed, a young man was apprehended removing burglaries from uncompleted buildings within the Estate and he was handed over to the police, with evidence of his activities. The young man, who is one of the normal¬† scavengers¬† called ‘Mai Bolla’ was however back on the streets less than twenty four hours after he was apprehended and handed over to the police.

Some of those robbed confirmed that the robbers were selective of the houses they attacked as they spoke in Hausa and tended to have robbed only Christians further heightening tension in the multi-ethnic community. They were so free that they debated among themselves the identities of those to be robbed , sources confirmed.

Karshi residents have been apprehensive over the laikadaisical operations of the Police in the area following reports that by 6-7 pm, the station is always like a ghost town and anyone driving into the town will always notice that there is no sign of life, no light at all at the Police Station when it is dark.

Weeks back a case of kidnapping was reported in the community but vigilantes swung into action and arrested the culprits who were intially taken to the traditional ruler’s palace before being handed over to the Police.

The fact that Junior Staff Quarters, which is about 500meters to the Police Station could be attacked, with the robbers operating with impunity for hours has further shown the helplessness of the people in the community that is located in the boundary between FCT and Nasarawa.

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