Dino Melaye, former senator representing Kogi west, has vowed to take legal action after a car dealer accused him of N14.5 million debt for a Mercedes Benz he bought in 2018.

TheNewsGuru recalls that the ruckus had started on Thursday after the politician took to his Instagram page to flaunt his new Rolls Royce Cullinan.

“If you yab me l go ride am, if you no yab me l go ride am….kuku yab me make I continue dey ride am jare.. .Omo Melaye saying Let them say,” he had written in Pidgin alongside a photo of the car.

Barely after sharing the post, Unique Motors took to the comment section to state that the former lawmaker has refused to pay the balance for the 2018 vehicle he acquired.

“Sir, you still have outstanding balance to pay unique motors. All effort to reach you and Moses prove abortive. Please pay up sir,” the company had written.

In a follow-up post, Melaye threw jabs at the company, accusing it of using his name to promote their business.

“No be only unique motor ! If l am really owing you, you know what to do. Abi na social media you sell the imaginary car? All of una wey dey use my name promote your obscure business…God know una address ooo. But for this unique nonsense my lawyers go reach you. You dial trouble,” he wrote.


The company also replied the politician in another post, asking him to show proof of full payment for the vehicle if he had indeed completed it as  alleged.

In the post accompanied with a picture of Melaye posing alongside the Mercedes Benz, the company said efforts to collect the remaining balance have so far proved unproductive.

“The imaginary car. A transaction that started in December 2018 and full payment have not being realized till 2021,” it wrote.

“If Dino claim he is not aware he should ask Moses his brother for clarity . We want our payment and we want our money, you can’t use your office or position to intimidate and silent us.

“He should bring out evidence of his full payment for the car, as far as we are aware N13,500,000.00 was paid and balance of N14,500,000.00 is unpaid in our book till date.

“All effort to reclaim this fund has not being successful, a case is in anti vice abuja office Wuse, Dino and his brother is aware, Moses came for settlement.

“If we are chasing clout , why did he blocked us and deleted the comment from his IG account? There are documentary evidence to back this claim, including sms and WhatsApp chat.

“Before the public or blogger carried the news, we never paid any blogger for this. A simple comment and debt reminder to Mr Dino Melaye is not bad after waiting for almost 4years since December 2018 for just a car payment that he refused to balance up.

“We don’t drag or expose our transaction online or expose our client or customer. Rather we protect them and assist as we feel this is part of our obligation as a business.

“The moment you failed to honour your agreement and responsibility and use your position and office to intimidate people and refused to pay for what you knew rightfully belong to the person,then it become imperative that we have to go after our money.

“A call to Dino and Moses was not returned , sms evidence of asking for payment and even WhatsApp chat are available.

“For a business to wait for payment of a car since 2018. Before we go online and comment you guys should know we have explore all means to retrieve this debt. We don’t chase clout, we are not in any way to tarnish his image.

“We just want to be paid for our sweat and for our car or he should bring the car back and get part of his money refunded.

“You are in custody of a car and knowing fully when you got the car without paying the rightfully owner completely, we don’t know how people sleep knowing-fully well other people sweat are in your custody unpaid.”

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