An illustration of a rape incident.

By Esther Onyegbula

17-year-old victim in Cross River

The life of a 17-year-old girl (whose name is being protected) took a downward turn immediately she lost her mother last year and her father began to sleep with her.

The victim, who resides in Eket Local Government Area of Cross Rivers state said her father threw her out of his house after impregnating her.

Her story: “Shortly after my mother’s death, my father began to sleep with me until I became pregnant in December 2020.

“Later, my father threw me out of the house. I had no option than to come over to Uyo and find anyone who may be interested in my unborn child.

“Although I have never had any antenatal care and I’m almost due for delivery, I then started wandering about in Uyo looking for whoever would accommodate me.

“On Tuesday 21st September 2021, I was at a popular plaza asking people around if they needed a baby. I was desperate to have a family accommodate me until I give birth and handover the baby to the family.

“However, on Tuesday night, a man who saw me wandering about offered me accommodation to spend the night and I thought I had found succour. But the man took advantage of me and slept with me even as he saw that I was heavily pregnant.

“Nevertheless, fate smiled on me the following day when a human rights activist, Oga Yenne, with the help of concerned individuals located me at the plaza and rescued me.

“Oga Yenne then handed me over to the President of a gender-based violence committee, Notovole Foundation, Patricia Obot.

“The case has been reported to the Police at Ikot Akpan Abia where my medical needs are being taken care of and hopefully I will get all the help and necessary support”.

“My father has been raping me; now he’s threatening to kill me after I became pregnant”.

19-year-old victim in Ogun state

Similar fate has also befallen many other girls. Last month, on the 16th of September, a 45-year-old man, Olaoluwa Jimoh was arrested by Operatives of Ogun State Police Command for impregnating his biological daughter.

It was learned that the randy father with uncontrollable libido, was arrested following a complaint lodged at Ode Remo Divisional Headquarters by the victim, who reported that she had been living with her father for the past two years, but sometime in June 2021, her father forcefully had sex with her. Jimoh reportedly raped his daughter until she got pregnant.

According to the 19-year-old victim, “I have been living with my father for the past two years, but sometime in June 2021, my father forcefully had sex with me.

“Since then, he has been raping me severally and always threatened to kill me if I dared inform anybody.

“My mother had separated from my father a long time ago, and I had been living with my mother until about two years ago when my father asked me to come and live with him.

“I decided to report regardless of my father’s threat when I discovered that I was pregnant.”
As usual, during interrogation, the victim’s father, Olaoluwa Jimoh blamed the devil who pushed him to continue to rape his daughter till she got pregnant”.

Man admits being father of his daughter’s child, blames alcohol

Also in August, this year, a middle-aged man, David Akpokpokpo was arrested by a vigilante group for allegedly raping and impregnating his teenage daughter in Amukpe area of Sapele, Delta State.

Akpokpokpo had carnal knowledge of his daughter which resulted in pregnancy. She has given birth.

Like Olaoluwa Jimoh, Akpokpokpo threatened to kill his daughter if she opened up to anyone.

However, when she could no longer bear it, she had to report to the vigilante group in Amukpe on Friday, August 27.

During interrogation, the suspect claimed to have slept with his daughter only once under the influence of alcohol but the victim countered him saying that her father raped her four times. Akpokpokpo also admitted being the father of the child.

Toddlers not spared: Man sleeps with 5-yr-old step daughter

For most of these depraved human beings, age isn’t a hindrance. They can violate a toddler the same way they violate a teenager. How else does one explain a 39-year-old Oladapo Akinola sleeping with his five-year-old stepdaughter, who calls him father?

Oladapo Akinola was arrested by men of Ogun State Police Command on Monday 20th of September 2021.

It was learned that Akinola was arrested following a report lodged at Adigbe Divisional Headquarters by the mother of the victim. According to the victim’s mother “while bathing my daughter, I discovered blood in her private part, and upon enquiry, she said that my husband who happened to be her stepfather had carnal knowledge of her.”

Man impregnates niece, procures 2 abortions for her

In some cases, it doesn’t just end with having canal knowledge and impregnating the victims, they go ahead to procure abortion for them to cover up their act. So it was for 52-year-old Jimoh Mutaliu who is currently in police custody for impregnating and procuring abortions for his teenage niece.

According to the father of the 16-year-old victim who lodged a report at Adatan Divisional Headquarters in Ogun state, “when I discovered that my daughter was pregnant, I asked her who was responsible, she revealed that my brother, who is her uncle was responsible for the pregnancy.”

Jimoh Mutaliu revealed during interrogation, that he actually committed the crime, he also affirmed that he had procured two abortions for her with the help of a nurse.

Woman bears 3 children for her son

Ironically, men are not the only culprits in this menace. Though not as common as the men, a few women have joined the men in the incest trade.

Recently, an immigrant from Benin Republic, Fati Sime, was arrested by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Kwara State Command for allegedly having carnal knowledge of her biological son and bearing three children for him.
Adamu Sabi Sime (son) and Fati Sime (mother) were also discovered not to have the necessary papers to stay in Nigeria and the suspects were handed over to the Nigeria Immigration Service for background check and further action.

Within the last three months, over thirty cases of incest have been reported in the country.

Reacting to the rampant cases of incest in Ogun state, retired Commissioner of Police, Edward Awolowo Ajogun advised mothers to be very watchful of their female children, and that they should not allow men to play with them no matter their relationship with such men.

Limited prosecution

However, despite the numerous arrests of suspects involved in incest, only few have been successfully prosecuted across the country. One of such cases was 38-year-old Patrick Ayesen, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison in May 2020 for raping and impregnating his 18-year-old daughter, at Okosa village, near Iguobazuwa, headquarters of Ovia South-West Local Government Area of Edo State.

Police investigations revealed that in January 2020, Ayesen had unlawful carnal knowledge of his biological daughter, resulting in pregnancy for him.

Also, 47-year-old Godwin Allu was sentenced to seven years imprisonment with hard labour by a Benin Chief Magistrate’s Court for having carnal knowledge with his 12-year-old daughter on November 20, 2012, at number 19, Omono Street, off Stadium Road, Benin City.

According to the prosecutor, his offence contravened section 208 of the Criminal Code, cap 48 Vol .11 of the defunct Bendel State of Nigeria, 1976, which is applicable to the present Edo state.

The Chief Magistrate, Mr Peter Obaseki, while delivering her judgment in 2012, described the heinous act as cruel for which the accused deserved no mercy.

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