Police in Phalombe have instituted a manhunt for a father who chop off manhood of his biological Son for unknown reasons.

Phalombe Police Station Public Relations Officer Sergeant Jimmy Kapanja has said that incident took place on May 22, around 12:00 hours, one of the well wishers was at her house, all of a sudden she saw the victim coming carrying his short in his hand and blood was oozing from his private part.

When she and other well wishers took a closer look they discovered that the boy had a fresh cut wound and his male sexual organ had been chopped off.

When journalist asked the victim what happened, he narrated that his biological father who separated with his mother came on that material day from Mozambique where he stays and met with his mother in order to ask her to allow him to take the child to Mozambique to stay with him.

However, the mother refused and she suggested that she had to inform his uncles first before she released the child.

Then the suspect convinced the mother that while waiting for uncles decision, he should take the child to a nearby grocery to buy him some snacks.

Instead of taking him to to the nearby grocery, the father took the child to the stream where he caught and strangled him on the neck before he cut off his private parts and dumped him in the bush while unconscious.

After some moments, the victim gained consciousness and moved to nearby village where he reported the matter.

When the well wishers heard the narration they rushed him to Phalombe District Hospital where he was admitted and the Police was informed who rushed to the scene.

Meanwhile, the victim’s condition is stable. Currently, the suspect is at large and enquiries are in progress to trace the culprit.

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