How I Escaped From An Uber Cabman In Lagos” — Lady shares her traumatic experience

A Nigerian lady and Lekki resident has narrated how she escaped from the claws of a suspicious cabman in Lagos. The cabman was alleged to be in cahoots with some vicious gang in Lagos.

The lady who shared her story on Instagram advised Lagosians to be vigilant, careful and alert when contacting a cabman in Lagos. Read the transcript of what the lady shared below;

“I didn’t mean to share this story before. But after a careful consideration of all the factory involved, I have decided to share this story with the public. Perhaps this can save a life and also make people to be very vigilant in the country, Nigeria.”

“On Friday, the First of July 2022 at exactly 9:30pm, I was at Lekki phase 1, trying to get home. I live in Chevron. I booked an Uber who delayed me for about 25 minutes and cancelled the trip. I was eventually connected to another cabman who came at exactly 10:08pm.”

“I went outside to meet him and I checked the plate number of the car and ensure that it correlates with what was on my App. That’s what I usually do before I get into any taxi.”

” I explained to him how I waited for over 30 minutes for a driver, that I would appreciate it if he drives as quickly as possible. I would appreciate it if I get home before 10:45pm because I don’t like to stay out late. He promised to try his best and I thanked him.”

“We started the trip and I immediately received a WhatsApp call from my sister. It was a video call. I’m holding my phone and talking to my sister. Suddenly as we approached Lekki Toll gate, just the little traffic before you go out of the gate, the cabman drove back and asked me if I ended the trip.”

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