As Yoruba Philanthropist Construct Road To Council Headquarters

Road to Enugu Council Headquarters
Reactions have trail the philanthropy of one Jimoh RAUF Badamosi who is constructing about four-kilometre Umude road, traversing Ibagwa-Aka, headquarters of Igboeze South Local Government Area of Enugu State.

The road, which had been dilapidated for decades, is being constructed by Jimoh as part of his community development projects.

The road has two drainages and culverts.

It was impassable in some parts due to erosion before Jimoh’s intervention, our correspondent gathered.

A resident of Umude, John Omeje, told our correspondent on Monday that, “Jimoh has put shame on the authorities of Igboeze South LGA. Jimoh has been constructing street roads in our area for over a decade. He constructs them with drainage systems. Then he fixes streetlights and maintains them.”

Road with street lights constructed by the philanthropist
THE WHISTLER gathered that Jimoh also renovated the two secondary schools in the area, as well as a health centre for the community.

The ongoing road construction extends to the secondary schools.

A mother of two, Nkechi Okeke, said, “Child-delivery in the health centre is free. In fact, mothers who give birth there for the first time are entitled to N20, 000 each. He is God-sent.”

Another resident, who does not want his name mentioned, said, “Our political leaders should be ashamed of themselves. The Umude road he is currently fixing is where our council chairmen, both past and present, pass on their way to the office everyday. The road leading to the headquarters tees off from Umude road. They don’t care about us over the years. I’m sure Jimoh will extend the road to the headquarters itself.”

Jimoh, it was gathered, is a Yoruba, but born and bred at Ibagwa-Aka in Igboeze LGA.

John Odo, who hails from there, said, “Jimoh’s grandfather settled at Ibagwa even before the war. Then, our people would give land to anybody that wanted to settle. His grandfather settled, and later brought more of his people to settle with him. The place is now called Yoruba Quarters.

“We inter-marry, we do everything together. Jimoh is a Muslim. He built mosques for Yoruba and Hausa people living in Ibagwa. Each village presents their respective problems to him, and he settles them one after the other.

“His mother is from Ovoko, a nearby community. We can’t thank him enough. He has shown government officials what it takes to be a leader.

“Unfortunately, Jimoh said he has nothing to do with politics. He does his business in Abuja, and returns from time to time.

“He builds solid roads. He builds boreholes to assist us. He is the government we see. We pray for him in churches, mosques and in our traditional ways.”

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