Dr Obiora Okonkwo: Towering Ideas and Laudable Promises of The Visionary


Dr Obiora Okonkwo, a prominent philanthropist, successful businessman and intellectual per excellence, is the governorship candidate of Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) for the November 6 election in Anambra state.

Popularly called Dikeora, he is seen as the lead candidate in the state’s gubernatorial race that is scheduled for November 6.

Dr Okonkwo, who until July was running under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has endeared himself to the people of Anambra state through his ideas and programs which have made many see him as a consensus candidate irrespective of partisan affiliation.

In his 10-point agenda, the Russia trained political scientist and chairman of United Nigeria Airline, promises rapid rural development, economic growth, revitalisation of the education sector, planned urbanization and urban renewal, peace and security, and social welfare and poverty eradication amongst others.

Dr Okonkwo, who also has diaspora engagement as an agenda, pledged that his administration, when elected, will establish a first of its kind Ministry of Diaspora Affairs.

He further assured the diaspora of his commitment to Champion for the amendment of the laws of Nigeria to allow for Nigerian citizens in the Diaspora to enjoy voting rights.

Another lofty idea of Dr Okonkwo is his plan to infuse technical skill into formal education curriculum so as to churn out graduates that are worthy in knowledge and relevant skills.

These lofty ideas of Dr Okonkwo, when implemented, will in no small way impact greatly on the lives of residents and indigenes of the state.

It will also serve as benchmark for other states, especially those within the southeast geopolitical zone, to emulate and build on.

Ngozi Chike esq, is a legal practitioner and resident of Nnewi in Anambra state.

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