A group known as the ‘Save Nigeria Movement’, SNM, has called for the immediate resignation of the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof. Yakubu Mahmoud and the National Commissioner for logistics, Prof. Ibeanu Okechukwu.

POLITICS NIGERIA learned that the group made this call at a Press conference on Sunday in Abuja. The group accused the outgoing governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano of allegedly bribing Prof. Ibeanu and the INEC leadership with $4 million to sway the upcoming Anambra Guber elections in favour of his(Obiano) preferred candidate, the flag-bearer of the All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA), Prof. Charles Soludo.

“We are yet again confronted with credible intelligence linking an opposition governor in the South East in ($4M) US dollars bribe allegations to compromise the forthcoming governorship election in Anambra state. ” Media reports in October 16 editions of Saturday vanguard , New Telegraph and many other online platforms have confirmed intelligence at our disposal, and of course narrowed this heavy indictment on Gov Willie Obiano and INEC leadership through Prof Ibeanu Okechuku who is the INEC national commissioner in charge of logistics.”, the group disclosed in a statement signed by its convener, Rev. Solomon Semanka Solomon.

“As patriots, we are not prone to indulge in self deceit, to assume or pretend that all is well with our nation, we are, as well not inclined to allow any body or group of persons to dash our hopes of a free and credible electoral process.”

“Credible evidence and intelligence at our disposal has proved beyond doubt to the effect that the said governor has found a wiling tool in Prof Ibeanu to infiltrate (INEC) with huge sums to compromise the Anambra elections in favour of a particular and specific party/candidate.”

“Curiously, Prof Ibeanu hails from the South East zone. Nigerians are at loss while a professor of such standing, vested with such responsibility will opt to partake in such shameful conduct.”

“Four ($4M)million US dollars of state funds earmarked for bribery to compromise elections at a time we are recovering from the harsh effects of Covid-19 is a slap on the people of Anambra state and Nigerians.”

“One can only imagine what ($4) million US dollars could achieve for the people of Anambra state if the governor was sensitive to the welfare of Anambra people. If Prof Ibeanu, of supposedly very high standing, entrusted with the supervision of elections could be so easily bought over by an ambitious and apparently currupt governor, then the aim of using professors for elections is defeated in principle.”

“Governor Willie Obiano rather than utilise Anambra’s scarce resources for the development of the state has rather handed over the state affairs to his flamboyant wife and is further bent on shortchanging Anambra people in order to maintain a total grip on public funds. The governor’s failure and desperation had also led to protracted leadership crisis both at the local, state and national levels of his party.”

“Governor Willie Obiano has often been accused of behavioural deficiencies including his penchant for alcohol. This perhaps explains why he left governance for his flamboyant wife who calls the shots in the affairs of Anambra, coordinating high powered meetings with Electoral Officers (EOs) few weeks to elections.”

“We are waiting for the Governor to finish his term of office in a few months and face the full and faceless wrath of the law”

In the same line, a joint session of expanded civil society unions in Nigeria upon receipt of shared intelligence on the alleged ($4)million US dollars bribe to INEC to compromise the forthcoming governorship elections in Anambra State convened and made the following demands;

“We demand for the INEC chairman , Prof Yakubu Mamoud as well as the “national commissioner in charge of logistics, Prof Ibeanu Okechuku to resign with immediate effect. That is the honorable thing to do in any sane society in the face of such glaring evidence. Failure to do so, we will mobilize Nigerians to occupy INEC headquarters untill Mr President redeems whatever is left of INECs integrity by sacking the chairman and his accomplices.”

“Without prejudice to the constitutional immunity enjoyed by the governor of Anambra State, at whose instance this monumental and shameful electoral heist was birthed, the joint civil society task force on Electoral Reforms ,Democracy and Good Governance hereby call and demand for a proper and direct interogation of the governor by security agencies. Of course , the drafters of the same constitution that grants immunity to serving governors has also left an oppening for questioning of citizens who have demonstrated capacity to disrupt the system. In this case, the security agencies have a latitude to utilise absolute discretion in the over all interest of the nation.This option should, and must be explored.”

“We hereby call on all profiled civil society organisations both within and outside the country to commence the process of actively participating in the follow up electoral processes connected to the forthcoming Anambra governorship election in particular and future elections in general.”

“We call on Mr president to utilise his overwhelming discretion to direct and infact lead a definite course of action to cause INEC leadership to reassure Nigerians of credible elections now and in the future, and indeed single out and sack the INEC chairman , Prof Yakubu Mahmoud, as well as the commissioner in charge of logistics , Prof Ibeanu and any other staff of the electoral body who is found to be an accomplice in the shameful electoral heist against the people of Anambra state.”

“We call on all religious and traditional leaders to show good conscience by actively defending the interest of Nigerians by advocating for what is morally right in the eyes of every reasonable man. Clearly the recent role and actions of the governor of Anambra state in cohorts with INEC leadership leaves no doubt on the moral decadness prevalent among our leaders.”

“We call and demand that Prof Yakubu Mahmoud alongside his hit man , Prof Ibeanu who is in charge of the commission’s logistics and any other INEC official involved in the ($4M) bribery sham be made to recuse themselves from whatever role they were hitherto entrusted to play in the forth coming governorship election in ANAMBRA State. We call on governors, particularly the Ngerian governors Forum to; for once, rise up to the occasion and call a spade a spade by cautioning their colleague who is left with just a few months in office.”

“This is no doubt a litmus test for what is to come and therefore must be addressed. ” it is our earnest hope that every citizen of good conscience in one way or the other will lend a voice in defence of our shared hopes and aspirations for Nigeria.”


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